⭐ SOT Massage Voted Among Louisville’s Best! ⭐

⭐ SOT Massage Voted Among Louisville’s Best! ⭐

The 2021 Leo Weekly Reader’s Choice Awards are here, and Sea of Tranquility ranks third best!

Best Massage

  1. Massage on Mellwood
  2. Derby City Massage
  3. Sea of Tranquility

And though we’re ecstatic to be included among your favorites, what’s really striking is who’s not on that list; the chains. The corporations. The people have spoken and the message is clear; there’s a genuine preference and appreciation for independently owned studios who employ a people-first business approach. Our goal is always to provide a very personal, individually-customized experience aimed at healing, wellness, and the utmost client satisfaction… and we thank you for continuing to allow us the opportunity to do just that.

Thank you, Louisville! ❤️

Phone: 502-966-7211
1679 Old Preston Hwy N
Louisville, KY 40229